Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Stuart Burge (1970)

PG Certificate


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While Hollywood's Roman epics - Ben-Hur, for instance, or Spartacus - cast British actors as the villains and Americans as suffering slaves or Jews, the Shakespearean sagas have no such scheme and are much the weaker without it. This example is particularly turgid, undermined by Stuart Burge's pedestrian direction and a surprisingly weak Brutus from Jason Robards. John Gielgud, who was Cassius in the 1953 version, now plays Caesar, while Charlton Heston takes his second (though not his last) stab at playing Mark Antony on film.


An honourable Roman is drawn into a conspiracy of senators, who intend to murder a triumphant war leader before he can appoint himself king. However, when an ally of their victim turns the people against them, a war erupts that will determine the fate of the empire. Drama adapted from Shakespeare's play, starring Charlton Heston, Jason Robards and John Gielgud.

Cast & Crew

Marc Antony Charlton Heston
Marcus Brutus Jason Robards
Julius Caesar John Gielgud
Caius Cassius Richard Johnson
Casca Robert Vaughan
Octavius Caesar Richard Chamberlain
Portia Diana Rigg
Decius Brutus Derek Godfrey
Metellus Cimber Michael Gough
Director Stuart Burge
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