Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever

John Badham (1977)

18 Certificate


Our Score
John Travolta's role here as Tony Manero, the Brooklyn shop assistant who becomes king of the New York disco scene, turned him from a B-list TV actor into, for a time, the hottest movie star in the world and a pop-culture icon. Party-poopers may find the whole thing a cringeworthy period piece and a reminder that the 1970s really were the naffest decade. But most will sit back and enjoy the snazzy dancing (much of it with co-star Karen Lynn Gorney), the memorable soundtrack - featuring classic songs from the Bee Gees, Tavares and KC and the Sunshine Band - and the all-round, high-energy entertainment.


A streetwise Brooklyn teenager struggles to cope with a dead-end job and a dysfunctional family, but finds an escape in the disco scene, where he falls in love with a girl dreaming of breaking free from her equally poor background to pursue a brighter future in Manhattan. Drama, starring John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney and Paul Pape, and featuring songs by the Bee Gees.

Cast & Crew

Tony Manero John Travolta
Stephanie Karen Lynn Gorney
Double J Paul Pape
Bobby C Barry Miller
Annette Donna Pescow
Joey Joseph Cali
Gus Bruce Ornstein
Flo Julie Bovasso
Director John Badham
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Park CircusGuidance: Contains violence, swearing, drug abuse, sex scenes and brief nudity.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray