The Last Chance

The Last Chance

Joyce Chopra (2003)

PG Certificate


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A grumpy Texas rancher and his estranged daughter re-learn the importance of family in this old-fashioned drama that's flimsy but full of heart. Lance Henriksen delivers a convincing mix of stubbornness, decency and desperation as the proud cattleman whose struggles to stay financially afloat are complicated by the return home of his equally headstrong offspring (Jennie Garth) for her grandpa's funeral. With the duo arguing over the past, present and even future, and the creditors closing in, the predictable narrative becomes a touching though rushed lesson about love, traditional values and embracing change. Along the way, striking scenery emphasises why Henriksen's character is fighting so hard, and there's show-stealing support from MC Gainey as a wise old ranch hand.


A woman returns home to Texas after an eight-year absence to claim the ranch her grandfather left to her in his will. Unfortunately, she has to somehow bridge the generation gap when she finds herself at loggerheads with her father over how best to run the family business. Drama, starring Jennie Garth, Lance Henriksen and Bradley Cooper.

Cast & Crew

Jacqueline `Jake' Cooper Jennie Garth
John William Cooper Lance Henriksen
Morgan Murphy Bradley Cooper
Amos Russell MC Gainey
Billy Dylan Wagner
Otis Bertram Muse Watson
Robert Sanchez John Vargas
Alex Kerwin Eugene Osment
Director Joyce Chopra
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Language: EnglishColour