Project ALF

Project ALF

Dick Lowry (1996)

PG Certificate
Tuesday 4:15am - 6am Sky Cinema Sci-fi/Horror


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Spun off from a 1980s American television series, director Dick Lowry's unassuming sci-fi comedy about an furry orange extraterrestial - ALF stands for Alien Life Form - is amiable family fare. Here the wisecracking ET has close encounters with the military, who have taken him to a top-secret base for analysis; but others at the establishment wish to see him destroyed. Miguel Ferrer, Ed Begley Jr and Martin Sheen are the well known faces in an otherwise unfamiliar cast.


A lovable alien is captured by the US army who plan to destroy him, prompting two officers to come to his aid. Spin-off from the sci-fi comedy TV series, with Miguel Ferrer, Ed Begley Jr and Martin Sheen.

Cast & Crew

Actor Miguel Ferrer
Actor Jensen Daggett
Actor Ed Begley Jr
Actor Martin Sheen
Director Dick Lowry

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Drama Comedy