True Lies

True Lies

James Cameron (1994)

15 Certificate
Fri 25 Aug 5:30pm - 8pm Sky Cinema Action & Adventure


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Until the arrival of GoldenEye, this knowing spy yarn that reunited Arnold Schwarzenegger with his Terminator director James Cameron was the nearest thing in years to a great James Bond movie. Arnie plays the unshaken, unstirred secret agent, always saving the world in time to get home for dinner with his wife and kids, who are blissfully unaware of his dangerous job. Aside from the truly spectacular action, there's exceptional comedy support from Tom Arnold and a winning performance from Jamie Lee Curtis, who transforms from timid housewife to confident heroine. It may be wildly implausible and a trifle misogynistic, but, on a pure excitement level, Cameron's blockbuster is unbeatable entertainment.


A seemingly ordinary computer salesman leads a double life as a secret agent battling international terrorism. His naive wife is unaware of his dual employment, and goes in search of adventure - only to end up in the clutches of terrorists who have stolen a nuclear weapon. James Cameron's action comedy, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold.

Cast & Crew

Harry Tasker Arnold Schwarzenegger
Helen Tasker Jamie Lee Curtis
Albert Gibson Tom Arnold
Juno Skinner Tia Carrere
Simon Bill Paxton
Salim Abu Aziz Art Malik
Dana Tasker Eliza Dushku
Faisil Grant Heslov
Spencer Trilby Charlton Heston
Director James Cameron
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Guidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama