The Big Green

The Big Green

Holly Goldberg Sloan (1995)

U Certificate


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After the success of ice-hockey movie The Mighty Ducks (which, with the help of likeable Emilio Estevez, spawned two sequels), it probably seemed a good idea to use the same ingredients (little team does good and the players learn more about themselves and each other in the process) for other sports. However, here the plot is rehashed for a movie about soccer, and Estevez is replaced by a man whose career is even further in the dumpster, Police Academy's Steve Guttenberg. It's uninteresting, unengaging and not a patch on the Ducks - and what do Americans know about soccer anyway?


An English teacher provides her American pupils with an introduction to the joys of soccer, giving them the pride and ability to take on the best at the state championships, and winning the heart of the local sheriff along the way. Sporting comedy, starring Steve Guttenberg, Olivia d'Abo and Jay O Sanders.

Cast & Crew

Sheriff Tom Palmer Steve Guttenberg
Anna Montgomery Olivia d'Abo
Jay Huffer Jay O Sanders
Edwin V Douglas John Terry
Evan Schiff Chauncey Leopardi
Larry Musgrove Patrick Renna
Jeffrey Luttrell Billy L Sullivan
Marbelly Morales Yareli Arizmendi
Director Holly Goldberg Sloan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Comedy Children's