Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

McG (2000)

15 Certificate
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Our Score
This take on one of the most popular TV shows of the 1970s by director McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol) is nothing more than a gossamer-thin, pop culture patchwork. Beginning on a low note of self-referential camp, the movie never aims higher than star and co-producer Drew Barrymore's plunging neckline. She's part of the vampy super agent trio, alongside Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, hired to find a kidnapped software genius - a storyline that twists to jeopardise the life of reclusive head honcho Charlie (voiced as ever by John Forsythe). With its reheated plot, trashy single-entendre humour and ho-hum thrills, this rickety adventure charmlessly sashays its bland way from one kitsch set piece to the next. If a way had been found to spread the good time Diaz is clearly having with her role over this entire disaster, then Charlie's Angels might have been a lot more fun. But it wasn't, leaving this as little more than stultifying eye-candy, brimful of skin-tight costumes, lightweight Bond action and slow-motion hair flips. Thank heavens for Bill Murray, whose reliable presence as Bosley rescues the whole thing from total doom.


Three private investigators are recruited to rescue a computer genius from the clutches of a rival. They discover there is more at stake than they thought, as the captive genius has created a dangerous piece of software that must not fall into the wrong hands. Action adventure, based on the TV series, starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Bill Murray.

Cast & Crew

Dylan Sanders Drew Barrymore
Natalie Cook Cameron Diaz
Alex Munday Lucy Liu
John Bosley Bill Murray
Charlie John Forsythe
Roger Corwin Tim Curry
Eric Knox Sam Rockwell
Vivian Wood Kelly Lynch
Mr Jones LL Cool J
Director McG
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia TriStarGuidance: Edited for language and violence. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 24 Nov 2000