Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Hamilton Luske (1953)

U Certificate


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Although Peter Pan purists disliked the use of Bobby Driscoll's twangy American voice as the leader of JM Barrie's Lost Boys, this is still a well-crafted animated feature from Disney with such great songs (written by Sammy Cahn and Sammy Fain among others) as You Can Fly and What Makes the Red Man Red?. The artists based Tinker Bell on a pout-lipped Marilyn Monroe, while the ongoing battle between Captain Hook and the crocodile is a delight.


Three children are visited in the night by a magical flying boy and a fairy named Tinker Bell. The strange youngster takes them away to his home, the magical island of Neverland, where his band of runaway youngsters are engaged in an ongoing battle with a crew of pirates. Disney animated adventure based on JM Barrie's novel, with the voices of Bobby Driscoll and Hans Conried.

Cast & Crew

Peter Pan Bobby Driscoll
Capt Hook/Mr Darling Hans Conried
Wendy Darling Kathryn Beaumont
Mr Smee Bill Thompson
John Darling Paul Collins
Michael Darling Tommy Luske
Mrs Darling Heather Angel
Actor Tom Conway
Director Hamilton Luske
Director Clyde Geronimi
Director Wilfred Jackson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray
Drama Children's