Never a Dull Moment

Never a Dull Moment

George Marshall (1950)

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A Manhattan songwriter and a widowed farmer meet at a charity show and fall in love. Transplanted to his rustic ranch, she has to cope with her precocious stepdaughters as well as the living conditions, the horses and the local characters. Irene Dunne and Fred MacMurray co-star in this good-natured, sometimes near-farcical romantic/domestic comedy, with Dunne, as always, bringing impeccable grace and timing, while MacMurray is less than sparkling. Both stars have worked with better material and George Marshall's direction is over-the-top, but it's quite funny and didn't deserve the scathing critical reception it had on release. The kids are played by Gigi Perreau and a young Natalie Wood, with Andy Devine and William Demarest in major supporting roles.


A songwriter living in New York falls in love with a widowed ranch owner, and hastily marries him. However, she finds adapting to country living far from her glamorous Manhattan roots proves difficult, as does winning the acceptance of her stepchildren. Romantic comedy, with Irene Dunne, Fred MacMurray and Natalie Wood.

Cast & Crew

Kay Kingsley Heyward Irene Dunne
Chris Heyward Fred MacMurray
Nancy Heyward Natalie Wood
Mears William Demarest
Orvie Andy Devine
Tina Heyward Gigi Perreau
Jed Philip Ober
Jean Morrow Ann Doran
Director George Marshall
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd