John McTiernan (2003)

15 Certificate


Our Score
A risible attempt at a military thriller, John McTiernan's follow-up to the marginally worse Rollerball misfires on practically every level. A platoon of US Army Rangers goes into the Panamanian jungle on a routine training exercise and only two come out alive. DEA agent Tom Hardy (John Travolta) is brought in to investigate the killings - alongside inexperienced female interrogator Connie Nielsen - and uncovers a nexus of corruption. As the incoherent plotting reveals layer upon layer of deceit, it becomes difficult to care about anything or anybody as each development is bound to be revealed as bogus. Despite some enjoyable scenery-chewing moments, not even Travolta, reunited here with Pulp Fiction partner Samuel L Jackson who plays a gung-ho sergeant, can save this.


Two government agents investigate a routine military training exercise in Panama that went horrifically wrong and left most of the platoon dead and their leader missing. To throw light on the matter, they interrogate the only two survivors - but their widely conflicting stories only lead to a dark seam of deep-seated corruption and deception. Thriller, starring John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, Giovanni Ribisi and Connie Nielsen.

Cast & Crew

Hardy John Travolta
West Samuel L Jackson
Osborne Connie Nielsen
Kendall Giovanni Ribisi
Styles Timothy Daly
Dunbar Brian Van Holt
Pike Taye Diggs
Mueller Dash Mihok
Castro Cristian de la Fuente
Vilmer Harry Connick Jr
Director John McTiernan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: IconGuidance: Violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD