Evil Woman

Evil Woman

Dennis Dugan (2001)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Released under the title Saving Silverman in the US, this crass comedy gets a new name over here - not to protect the innocent, but evidently to disguise the guilty. The splendidly surreal premise goes like this: Neil Diamond (yes, that Neil Diamond!) is enlisted by flatmates Jack Black and Steve Zahn to save buddy Jason Biggs from the matrimonial clutches of bunny-boiling girlfriend Amanda Peet. But it's all promise and precious little delivery. Evil Woman is mean-spirited, unfunny, underdeveloped, and overplayed by actors who not only could and should know better, but are also by and large ten years too old for their characters. If you're easy to please, this could constitute a passable night's video entertainment. As a cinema release, it's all Neil but no diamond.


Two would-be musicians are convinced their friend is marrying the wrong woman when she forces him to quit their band. Undeterred, the dim-witted duo set out to save him by kidnapping his fiendish bride-to-be and trying to set him up instead with his high-school sweetheart. Comedy, starring Jack Black, Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn, R Lee Ermey, Amanda Peet and Amanda Detmer.

Cast & Crew

Darren Silverman Jason Biggs
JD Jack Black
Wayne Steve Zahn
Coach R Lee Ermey
Judith Amanda Peet
Sandy Amanda Detmer
Himself Neil Diamond
Vageet Chris Logan
Director Dennis Dugan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia TriStarGuidance: Nudity, edited for some of its language.Available on: video and DVD