Dr Dolittle 3

Dr Dolittle 3

Rich Thorne (2006)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Eddie Murphy is wisely absent from this flimsy and rather pointless second sequel to his 1998 hit comedy. Instead, his doctor character's daughter Maya (a returning Kyla Pratt) takes centre stage: now a teen who resents inheriting her dad's ability to communicate with animals. Fortunately for her, the cross-species chitchat has been marginalised in favour of predominantly human high jinks, as she and a bunch of equally stereotypical misfits struggle to survive a summer at a run-down kids' ranch. Slapstick, jibes and a procession of repetitive and unfunny pratfalls subsequently replace a proper narrative, that's padded out with a lame romance aimed squarely at adolescent girls. Events finally gain focus when the ranch faces closure, but Maya's predictable rescue plan is so unexciting that it scarcely matters.


The talented vet's daughter with the same uncanny ability to talk to animals is staying at a ranch. When she learns financial problems will force the place to close, she comes up with an ingenious idea to solve the crisis by training the livestock for a rodeo and winning $50,000. Comedy sequel, starring Kyla Pratt, Kristen Wilson and John Amos.

Cast & Crew

Maya Dolittle Kyla Pratt
Lisa Dolittle Kristen Wilson
Jud Jones John Amos
Bo Jones Walker Howard
Brooklyn Webster Luciana Carro
Clayton Tommy Snider
Tyler Calum Worthy
Skip Ryan McDonell
Director Rich Thorne
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language.Available on: DVD
Comedy Children's