The Beautiful Country

The Beautiful Country

Hans Petter Moland (2004)

12 Certificate


A Vietnamese outcast's dream of reconnecting with is long-lost family takes him on an odyssey from his fishing village to Texas. After finding his downtrodden mother in Saigon, he is forced to leave her and endures a gruelling ocean crossing, captivity in Malaysia and servitude with a human-trafficking ring before finding his American father in Texas. Drama, with Damien Nguyen, Nick Nolte and Tim Roth.

Cast & Crew

Binh Damien Nguyen
Steve Nick Nolte
Captain Oh Tim Roth
Ling Ling Bai
Snakehead Temuera Morrison
Tam Dang Quoc Thinh Tran
Wa Thi Hoa Mai
Chingmy Chapman To
Director Hans Petter Moland
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