Missing in Action 2: the Beginning

Missing in Action 2: the Beginning

Lance Hool (1985)

18 Certificate


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" You may not give a damn about the Geneva Convention, but some day you will be held accountable," Chuck Norris warns the commander of the camp in which he is being held. If only we could hold Norris accountable for this movie, which is even more blockheaded than the first. This prequel whose torture at the hands of brutal guards will have you begging for mercy long before he does. A second sequel, Braddock: Missing in Action III followed in 1988.


A crusading American soldier is captured by Vietnamese forces while on a mission to rescue PoWs. However, he stages a daring escape and leads his brutalised countrymen through the jungle in search of freedom. Action adventure prequel, starring Chuck Norris, Soon-Teck Oh, Cosie Costa and Steven Williams.

Cast & Crew

Col James Braddock Chuck Norris
Col Yin Soon-Tek Oh
Mazilli Cosie Costa
Capt David Nester Steven Williams
Capt Ho Bennett Ohta
Opelka Joe Michael Terry
Frankie John Wesley
Dou Chou David Chung
Director Lance Hool
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD