Strange Magic

Strange Magic

Gary Rydstrom (2015)

U Certificate


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George Lucas came up with the original story for this animated saga of fairies, elves and a magic elixir, which blends A Midsummer Night's Dream and Beauty and the Beast into a jukebox musical, but the result is not Lucasfilm's finest hour. Twinkly fairy folk and scaly monsters each keep to their own half of a magical land until the theft of a love potion prompts conflict, kidnapping and some unlikely romantic attachments when the said potion works its stuff. Evan Rachel Wood voices the feisty fairy princess at the heart of the action, a familiar character type whose quest for independence proves rather at odds with the underlying theme that horny-toed goblins deserve love too. With the cast breaking into song - from Elvis oldies to Lady Gaga, and even the ELO title tune - at a moment's notice, the effect is bright and busy, but too frenetic for its own good. Ultimately, the impressively ornate visuals don't make up for a lack of genuine emotional impact.


A fairy living in an enchanted forest tries to rescue her sister from a monstrous creature. Meanwhile, the magical kingdom is thrown into chaos by a love potion, that results in a series of unexpected romances. Animated fantasy musical, with the voices of Evan Rachel Wood, Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth.

Cast & Crew

Marianne Evan Rachel Wood
Bog King Alan Cumming
Sugar Plum Fairy Kristin Chenoweth
Sunny Elijah Kelley
Dawn Meredith Anne Bull
Roland Sam Palladio
Fairy King Alfred Molina
Griselda Maya Rudolph
Director Gary Rydstrom
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Walt DisneyReleased on: 21 Aug 2015
Drama Children's Music