Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

Gary Nelson (1976)

U Certificate
Tuesday 9:35am - 11:20am Sky Cinema Disney
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Thu 1 Feb, 9:40pm - 11:25pm Sky Cinema Disney


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This 1970s body-swap movie was a precursor to the manic 1980s rash, which included Vice Versa and the blockbuster Big. It sank without trace, despite the effervescent performance of Jodie Foster, who switches places with her mother (Barbara Harris) for a day. It's one of those movies that starts at a brisk trot, lapses into walking pace and winds up running out of steam through sheer lack of gags. However, it's well worth catching for the sterling work of Foster and Harris.


A mother and her rebellious teenage daughter's simultaneous wishes to trade places results in them magically switching bodies for a day and gaining an unforgettable insight into each other's lives. Disney fantasy comedy, with Jodie Foster, Barbara Harris, Patsy Kelly, John Astin, Charlene Tilton and Sorrell Booke.

Cast & Crew

Annabel Andrews Jodie Foster
Ellen Andrews Barbara Harris
Bill Andrews John Astin
Mrs Schmauss Patsy Kelly
Opposing coach Ruth Buzzi
Harold Jennings Dick Van Patten
Virginia Vicki Schreck
Mr Dilk Sorrell Booke
Mr Joffert Alan Oppenheimer
Bambi Charlene Tilton
Director Gary Nelson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama Children's