Who's Harry Crumb?

Who's Harry Crumb?

Paul Flaherty (1989)

PG Certificate


Our Score
The question on most people's lips before this lacklustre comedy is over will be, "Who cares?" John Candy was quite funny when he allowed a director to control his unrestrained manic mugging. Unfortunately, here Paul Flaherty (a former Candy TV associate) just lets him get away with farcical murder as a bungling private detective assigned to solve a kidnapping case. (The joke level? The kidnapper is the person who hired him. Ha, ha!) There are a few moments that raise a smile and Annie Potts is a joy as the gold-digging newlywed. But it's heavy going with very little wit and a great deal of slapstick.


A bungling private eye sets out to rescue the abducted daughter of a millionaire. Unfortunately, the hapless sleuth is unaware his oily boss is behind the kidnapping and has only given him the task because he is sure to fail - while leaving himself free to make a move on the millionaire's wife. Comedy, starring John Candy, Jeffrey Jones, Annie Potts and Tim Thomerson.

Cast & Crew

Harry Crumb John Candy
Eliot Draisen Jeffrey Jones
Helen Downing Annie Potts
Vince Barnes Tim Thomerson
PJ Downing Barry Corbin
Nikki Downing Shawnee Smith
Det Casey Valri Bromfield
Dwayne Doug Steckler
Director Paul Flaherty
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD