Hot Shots! Part Deux

Hot Shots! Part Deux

Jim Abrahams (1993)

12 Certificate
Wed 29 Nov 2:30am - 4:05am Sky Cinema Comedy


Our Score
The law of diminishing laughs applies to Jim Abrahams and Pat Proft's self-conscious parody of the Rambo series, with Charlie Sheen reprising his role of the superhero with zero tolerance for the enemy. Lloyd Bridges also returns, this time as the US president, but this sequel is too reminiscent of its predecessor to be terribly amusing. Still, there are some laughs to be had and look out for a brief appearance by Rowan Atkinson.


A misunderstood soldier who has retired to a Buddhist monastery is drawn back into action for a special mission. A succession of failed rescue attempts has left countless American servicemen held hostage in the Middle East, and it falls to him to set them free. Spoof action movie sequel, starring Charlie Sheen, Valeria Golino, Lloyd Bridges and Rowan Atkinson.

Cast & Crew

Topper Harley Charlie Sheen
Ramada Rodham Valeria Golino
President Thomas `Tug' Benson Lloyd Bridges
Dexter Hayman Rowan Atkinson
Saddam Hussein Jerry Haleva
Michelle Rodham Huddleston Brenda Bakke
Col Denton Walters Richard Crenna
Commander Arvid Harbinger Miguel Ferrer
Capt Willard Martin Sheen
Director Jim Abrahams
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. LtdGuidance: Some swearing.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray