Super Tanker

Super Tanker

Jeffery Scott Lando (2011)

12 Certificate
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An attempt to neutralise an unstable substance goes horribly wrong in this weakly plotted disaster movie, whose budget is too small to provide effective action.


A vessel transports an immensely dangerous alien substance to the Marianas trench, so it can be safely disposed of. When the tanker is struck by a freak wave, the unstable material is released and a salvage crew must get the ship to its destination and sink it before it can destroy the whole world. Sci-fi disaster movie, with Ben Cross and Callum Blue.

Cast & Crew

Jordan Ben Cross
Ben Callum Blue
Admiral David Schofield
Morgan Jon Mack
Capt Spyrou Velizar Binev
Col Hanley Atanas Srebrev
Randall J Steele
Director Jeffery Scott Lando
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD