Let Him Have It

Let Him Have It

Peter Medak (1991)

15 Certificate


Fact-based drama about the controversial 1952 murder trial in which 19-year-old Derek Bentley was sentenced to be hanged for killing a policeman - even though his friend Chris Craig was the one who fired the fatal gunshot. Starring Christopher Eccleston, Paul Reynolds, Tom Courtenay, Eileen Atkins, Tom Bell and Mark McGann.

Cast & Crew

Derek Bentley Christopher Eccleston
Chris Craig Paul Reynolds
William Bentley Tom Courtenay
Lilian Bentley Eileen Atkins
Fairfax Tom Bell
Niven Craig Mark McGann
Iris Bentley Clare Holman
Lord Goddard Michael Gough
Stella Serena Scott Thomas
Approved school principal Edward Hardwicke
Director Peter Medak
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