Albert Pyun (1989)

18 Certificate


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Mad Max meets Escape from New York in director Albert Pyun's cheap and cheerful science-fiction adventure where all the characters are named after electric guitars (Fender, Rickenbacker). Jean-Claude Van Damme is a futuristic mercenary hired to escort a cyborg carrying the antidote to a deadly plague that has almost wiped out mankind in the 21st century. On the journey they fall foul of the Flesh Pirates, torturers, flashbacks and crucifixion as genre master Pyun piles on the trash, panache and gratuitous violence with cut-price style.


A post-apocalyptic warrior risks his life to protect a female android who holds the key to curing a man-made plague devastating humanity. However, a host of bloodthirsty warriors are determined to stop them getting to the scientists who need the information. Sci-fi thriller, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dayle Haddon, Deborah Richter and Vincent Klyn.

Cast & Crew

Gibson Rickenbacker Jean-Claude Van Damme
Pearl Prophet Dayle Haddon
Nady Simmons Deborah Richter
Fender Tremolo Vincent Klyn
Marshall Strat Alex Daniels
Furman Vux/Pirate/Bandit Blaise Loong
Brick Bardo Ralf Moeller
Director Albert Pyun
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD