Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain

Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain

Gwen Arner (1982)

PG Certificate


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The syrupy, homespun wisdom of the much-loved Depression-set TV series The Waltons used to be a regular Sunday morning fixture on Channel 4, and fans will no doubt look forward to this feature-length spin-off. Grandpa and grandma have gone, as has John Boy, but nearly everyone else is present and correct, including mum Michael Learned, who had bowed out of the TV series before its conclusion in 1981. Here she leaves her sick bed in a TB sanatorium when Mary Ellen is injured in a car crash on her honeymoon. Treacly stuff, and the absence of Richard Thomas as John-Boy is keenly felt, but it's still worth a look.


Three mothers cope with the trials of parenthood, while Mary Ellen comes to terms with the news that she will never be able to have any more children. Drama based on the TV series, starring Judy Norton-Taylor, Ralph Waite and Michael Learned.

Cast & Crew

Actor Judy Norton-Taylor
Actor Ralph Waite
Actor Michael Learned
Actor Jon Walmsley
Director Gwen Arner

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Language: EnglishColour