The Night of the Grizzly

The Night of the Grizzly

Joseph Pevney (1966)

PG Certificate


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TV star Clint Walker is a homesteader who arrives on his slice of Wyoming with his wife and family. Almost at once he runs into opposition from the locals - the banker and a rival landowner - but there is also a greedy grizzly bear that seems to single Walker out for special treatment, slaughtering Walker's valuable herd and bringing about the mortgaging of the property. Part Jaws, part Shane, it's really a children's film that relies on its wildlife and mountain photography.


Marshal Jim Cole leaves his job, packs up his family and heads out to the high plains and mountains of Wyoming when he inherits his uncle's ranch. However, any hopes of a quiet life raising livestock are soon dashed by a greedy neighbour, an ex-con turned bounty hunter and the emergence from hibernation of a vicious grizzly bear known to the locals as Satan. Western, starring Clint Walker.

Cast & Crew

Jim Cole Clint Walker
Angela Cole Martha Hyer
Jed Curry Keenan Wynn
Wilhelmina Peterson Nancy Kulp
Charlie Cole Kevin Brodie
Hazel Squires Ellen Corby
Hank Jack Elam
Tad Curry Ron Ely
Director Joseph Pevney
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for content.Available on: video