Carry On Admiral

Carry On Admiral

Val Guest (1957)

U Certificate


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This isn't one of the Carry Ons, but an unremarkable screen adaptation of an almost forgotten stage farce called Off the Record. Also known as The Ship Was Loaded, it's a comedy of errors that has more in common with radio hit The Navy Lark than its saucier namesakes. David Tomlinson and Brian Reece goof gamely as the civil servant and the sailor whose identities get muddled, but it's AE Matthews (at the ripe old age of 87) who steals the show in the title role. Ronald Shiner adds some much needed snap, but we see too little of either him or the wonderful Joan Sims.


A public relations executive and a Navy officer inadvertently exchange identities while drunk. The PR man suddenly finds himself out of his depth at the command of a ship, where his lack of nautical knowledge causes chaos for his unfortunate crew. Comedy, starring David Tomlinson, Brian Reece, Peggy Cummins and AE Matthews.

Cast & Crew

Tom Baker David Tomlinson
Peter Fraser Brian Reece
Susan Lashwood Peggy Cummins
Admiral Godfrey AE Matthews
Jane Godfrey Eunice Gayson
Mary Joan Sims
Psychiatrist Lionel Murton
Receptionist Reginald Beckwith
Willy Oughton-Formby Desmond Walter-Ellis
Director Val Guest
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Renown Picture CorpAvailable on: video and DVD