Eight Below

Eight Below

Frank Marshall (2005)

PG Certificate
Sat 2 Sep 12:05am - 2:10am Sky Cinema Disney


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Family audiences are in for a treat with this live-action Disney adventure from Alive director Frank Marshall. A canine-centred thrill ride about friendship, loyalty and survival, the film is essentially a remake of the reality-based 1983 Japanese blockbuster Nankyoku Monogatari (aka Antarctica). In a likeable performance, Paul Walker plays the guide to a group of Antarctic researchers who has developed a close bond with his eight skilled sled dogs. Narrowly escaping a fatal accident, thanks to their help, he's devastated when treacherous weather conditions force the whole team to evacuate, leaving his "kids" stranded in the frozen wilds. The beautifully shot scenes that unfold, as the resourceful mutts battle to stay alive for more than six months, calculatingly embrace every emotion, incorporating humour, pathos and - parents beware - unexpected scares. It's an exciting and enthralling mix, only slumping when the tale cuts back to Walker trying to put together a rescue mission in America.


An Antarctic scientific expedition has to be aborted when a blizzard hits, forcing their guide to leave behind his team of huskies in the frozen wilderness. He is determined to return and rescue the animals, but in the meantime, the dogs have to rely on pack instinct alone to ensure their survival in the hostile climate. Disney adventure, starring Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood and Jason Biggs.

Cast & Crew

Jerry Shepard Paul Walker
Davis McClaren Bruce Greenwood
Charlie Cooper Jason Biggs
Katie Moon Bloodgood
Dr Andy Harrison Gerard Plunkett
Mindo August Schellenberg
Eve McClaren Wendy Crewson
Rosemary Belinda Metz
Director Frank Marshall
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Buena VistaAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray
Children's Drama