Man of the House

Man of the House

Stephen Herek (2005)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Guess what? It's Tommy Lee Jones playing a lawman again. But unlike in The Fugitive or Men in Black, Jones is not pursuing suspected murderers or illegal extraterrestrials; he's babysitting a bunch of college cheerleaders who are the only eyewitnesses to a Mob hit. Predictably, when crusty cop meets exuberant airheads (his charges include Christina Milian and Kelli Garner), it's a learning experience for all. There's nothing especially wrong with Man of the House; as lowbrow comedy, it's bright and breezy enough and presumably pays the star's bills. But there's something rather sad about seeing an actor of Jones's calibre slumming it in such mediocrity. The film shares its undistinguished title with a forgettable 1994 Chevy Chase/Farrah Fawcett film - it's unlikely anyone will remember this either.


A tough Texas Ranger thinks he has got it easy when he is sent to protect five college cheerleaders who have witnessed a murder. However, the assignment proves more complicated than expected, and he is soon immersed in the world of short skirts and pom-poms - and falls in love with their coach. Comedy, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Archer, Cedric the Entertainer and Christina Milian.

Cast & Crew

Roland Sharp Tommy Lee Jones
Professor Molly McCarthy Anne Archer
Percy Stevens Cedric the Entertainer
Anne Christina Milian
Teresa Paula Garces
Heather Vanessa Ferlito
Barb Kelli Garner
Eddie Zane Brian Van Holt
Director Stephen Herek
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia TriStarGuidance: Edited for some of its language and violence.Available on: DVD