Balls of Fury

Balls of Fury

Robert Ben Garant (2007)

12 Certificate


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Table tennis became an official Olympic event in Seoul in 1988 but it still hasn't shrugged off its family-friendly alter ego, ping pong. This lame comedy will only add to the woes of those still battling to get the sport taken seriously. Comedian Dan Fogler (Good Luck Chuck) plays Randy Daytona, a former child "ping pong phenom" who lost out at the Seoul Olympics. Nineteen years on, he's hired by the FBI to infiltrate a table tennis tournament run by the evil Triad leader (Christopher Walken) who killed Randy's gambling father. Stealing its plot from Enter the Dragon and its bullet-time effects from little-seen Japanese movie Ping Pong, this lackadaisical spoof takes a hit-and-miss approach. Walken is amusingly camp in his flamboyant role, but the table tennis tomfoolery generates precious few laughs.


A table tennis champion's life falls apart after defeat at the Olympics. However, he gets the chance to redeem himself and get revenge when the FBI recruits him to infiltrate a secret underground ping-pong tournament run by an elusive criminal genius. Comedy sending up kung fu movies, starring Dan Fogler, Christopher Walken and Maggie Q.

Cast & Crew

Randy Daytona Dan Fogler
Feng Christopher Walken
Maggie Wong Maggie Q
Agent Ernie Rodriquez George Lopez
Master Wong James Hong
Freddy `Fingers' Wilson Terry Crews
Sgt Pete Daytona Robert Patrick
Mahogany Aisha Tyler
Director Robert Ben Garant
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UniversalGuidance: Sexual references.Available on: DVDReleased on: 28 Dec 2007