Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

Bradley Raymond (2010)

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The third of the fairy's solo adventures sees her befriending just the type of little tyke that these amiable Disney offerings are aimed at. It begins with Tinker Bell and her clan preparing to bring summer to "the Mainland", only for our ever-curious heroine to land herself in a tight spot after wandering off to spy on the humans nearby. A young girl named Lizzy accidentally takes Tink captive, but it's not long before the two are getting on famously, thereby entrancing every child with their secret friendship. These events are interspersed with some mild peril, courtesy of a rescue attempt by the other fairies to save their lost friend, and the two-pronged threat of Lizzy's ambitious scientist father (voiced by Michael Sheen) and a misbehaving cat (a creation that's nabbed wholesale from Disney's Cinderella). It's all very familiar, but the exciting finale ensures that this adventure works its magic in the end.


Tinker Bell travels to the human world for the first time and befriends a little girl. However, when the child's scientist father discovers the fairy, he takes her away for study in the hope of learning more about the magical creatures. Animated fantasy, with the voices of Mae Whitman and Michael Sheen.

Cast & Crew

Tinker Bell Mae Whitman
Dr Griffiths Michael Sheen
Rosetta Kristin Chenoweth
Silvermist Lucy Liu
Vidia Pamela Adlon
Terence Jesse McCartney
Iridessa Raven-Symone
Bobble Rob Paulsen
Director Bradley Raymond
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Buena VistaAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 13 Aug 2010
Drama Children's