Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Don Siegel (1956)

PG Certificate
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Pods from outer space land in a small California town and start replicating the inhabitants, replacing them with unfeeling doubles, in this chilling science-fiction tale from director Don Siegel. This classic of the genre (co-scripted by an uncredited Sam Peckinpah from the novel by Jack Finney) reflects the blacklisting hysteria of the McCarthy era, as Siegel tersely piles on the nightmare with pulse-pounding briskness. Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter star as the lovers who try to avoid the fate of their friends and neighbours while desperately attempting to warn the outside world of the threat to mankind. Although expertly remade twice - in 1978 and 1993 - and rather less successfully in 2007, the original is still the most striking, with a justly famous scalp-freezing ending.


A small California town is infiltrated by sinister alien vegetable pods from outer space, which start to clone the residents and replace them with emotionless replicas. A local doctor realises something bizarre is going on and sets out to investigate - but is not prepared for what he finds. Don Siegel's sci-fi thriller, with Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter and Carolyn Jones.

Cast & Crew

Miles Bennell Kevin McCarthy
Becky Driscoll Dana Wynter
Theodora Carolyn Jones
Danny Larry Gates
Jack King Donovan
Sally Jean Willes
Nick Ralph Dumke
Wilma Virginia Christine
Director Don Siegel
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Park CircusAvailable on: video and DVDReleased on: 31 Oct 2014