The Hills of Donegal

The Hills of Donegal

John F Argyle (1947)

PG Certificate


Our Score
If Irish eyes are still smiling at the end of this melodramatic tarradiddle, it'll have more to do with the black stuff than the quality of John F Argyle's picture. A few sentimental songs enliven the opening segment, as Dinah Sheridan bids farewell to the stage to marry her singing partner's cousin. But no sooner have she and John Bentley settled in Donegal than he's forced to take drastic steps to prevent the tempestuous Tamara Desni from raking up an old affair. It was worth attempting the change of scenery, but you can still spot a Butcher's B-movie a mile off.


A singer retires from fashionable society in favour of a quiet, married life in the castle she inherits, but the forbidding edifice soon reveals sinister and shocking secrets. Mystery, starring John Bentley, Tamara Desni, Irene Handl and Moore Marriott.

Cast & Crew

Actor John Bentley
Actor Tamara Desni
Actor Irene Handl
Actor Moore Marriott
Director John F Argyle

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white