The Country Girl

The Country Girl

George Seaton (1954)

PG Certificate


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Grace Kelly won a best actress Oscar for her role as the wife of alcoholic has-been actor Bing Crosby in this version of Clifford Odets's turgid play, which also won director George Seaton an Academy Award for his screenplay. William Holden plays the theatre director who becomes embroiled with Kelly. With hindsight, and the demise of all three principles, the film has an extra piquancy, provided the viewer knows that in real life Kelly was romantically involved with both Crosby and Holden. Crosby is excellent, and Kelly isn't far behind, but many felt the Oscar should have gone to Judy Garland for A Star Is Born. According to Groucho Marx, it was "the greatest robbery since Brink's".


A director persuades a washed-up actor and singer to star in his new musical, but finds his leading man is unable to cope with the pressure, and has developed a drinking problem. He tries to help the performer regain his confidence, but becomes convinced his wife is to blame for his anxiety. Drama, starring Bing Crosby, William Holden and an Oscar-winning Grace Kelly.

Cast & Crew

Frank Elgin Bing Crosby
Georgie Elgin Grace Kelly
Bernie Dodd William Holden
Philip Cook Anthony Ross
Larry Gene Reynolds
Ed Eddie Ryder
Paul Unger Robert Kent
Henry Johnson John W Reynolds
Director George Seaton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Paramount Film Service LtdAvailable on: DVD