Target Earth

Target Earth

Peter Markle (1998)

PG Certificate
Sun 26 Nov 4:15am - 6am Sky Cinema Sci-fi/Horror


Our Score
Extraterrestrials are up to their usual tricks in this made-for-TV sci-fi adventure. When a man goes insane and a little girl is kidnapped, a small-town Illinois cop realises something is terribly wrong. Soon, he finds himself battling insidious aliens who have implanted devices to control the minds of humans, from local citizens to government agents. Writer Michael Vickerman and director Peter Markle have taken every 1950s space-invader cliché and fed them into a blender, producing this silly, banal, painting-by-numbers tale. The competent cast deserve better than this but, ultimately, it's the viewer who is caught in the crosshairs.


Former alien abductees fight fellow victims of extraterrestrial attacks who have been brainwashed into taking over the planet. Sci-fi adventure, starring Christopher Meloni, Marcia Cross and Dabney Coleman.

Cast & Crew

Actor Christopher Meloni
Actor Marcia Cross
Actor Dabney Coleman
Actor John C McGinley
Director Peter Markle

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Assoc. British Pathe Ltd