Titan AE

Titan AE

Don Bluth (2000)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Talk about starting with a bang! Don Bluth (The Land before Time, An American Tail) kicks off this animated spectacular with nothing less than the blowing-up of the Earth, forcing survivors Cale (voiced by Matt Damon) and Akima (Drew Barrymore) to put one over on the offending aliens by reactivating a hidden spacecraft, the eponymous Titan. Three parts Star Wars to one part Star Trek, Titan AE ("After Earth" in case you were wondering) imaginatively blends top-quality cel and digital animation, resulting in something well beyond mere eye candy for kids. One particularly glorious scene has ephemeral space "angels" riding the bow wake of a starship in the same way that dolphins ride the bow waves of boats.


In the year 3038, an alien race has annihilated almost all of mankind and destroyed the Earth. A scientist escapes the planet on board a craft that is destined to be humanity's only chance of future survival - the spaceship Titan. Fourteen years later, his estranged son plucks up courage and sets out on a perilous journey to find the ship and reunite with his father. Animated sci-fi adventure, with the voices of Matt Damon, Bill Pullman and Drew Barrymore.

Cast & Crew

Cale Matt Damon
Korso Bill Pullman
Akima Drew Barrymore
Gune John Leguizamo
Preed Nathan Lane
Stith Janeane Garofalo
Professor Sam Tucker Ron Perlman
Young Cale Alex D Linz
Tek Tone Loc
Director Don Bluth
Director Gary Goldman
Director Art Vitello
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century FoxGuidance: May be edited for violence.Available on: video and DVD