Christian Alvart (2009)

15 Certificate


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An intergalactic mission starts to go horribly wrong in this dull and often incomprehensible sci-fi shocker from director Christian Alvart (Antibodies, Case 39). When astronauts Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster awake disorientated from hyper-sleep, with no memory of their assignment, they find themselves at the mercy of fast-moving mutant monsters that have infiltrated their ship. That's if the eponymous deep-space disease (or Orbital Dysfunctional Syndrome) that manifests itself as a delusional God complex doesn't get to them first. Pitch Black, Alien and producer Paul WS Anderson's own Event Horizon and Resident Evil franchise are obvious reference points in this hopelessly muddled mix. But it's essentially The Descent in outer space with no real menace or horror, just jerky editing supplying mechanical jolts against a dingy industrial backdrop.


Two astronauts awake from suspended animation to discover the rest of the crew has disappeared and that they are suffering from memory loss. While exploring the vessel, one of them is set upon by hordes of mutant cannibals and faces a battle for survival as he tries to remember the purpose of the mission. Sci-fi horror, starring Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid.

Cast & Crew

Bower Ben Foster
Payton Dennis Quaid
Nadia Antje Traue
Gallo Cam Gigandet
Manh Cung Le
Leland Eddie Rouse
Shepard Norman Reedus
Evalon Friederike Kempter
Director Christian Alvart
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: IconAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 2 Oct 2009