NYC: Tornado Terror

NYC: Tornado Terror

Tibor Takacs (2008)

12 Certificate
Wed 30 Aug 7:05pm - 9pm Sony Movie Channel
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Wed 30 Aug, 8:05pm - 10pm Sony Movie Channel +1


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The Big Apple comes under threat yet again in this cliché-riddled disaster movie from schlockmeister Tibor Takacs. This time it's mini tornados causing made-for-TV chaos, leaving deputy mayor Sebastian Spence and his meteorologist wife Nicole de Boer racing to save the day. Realism is the first casualty of this global-warming fallout, as sudden gusts of abysmal computer effects compete for unintended laughs alongside beyond-stupid dialogue. Unnatural performances exacerbate this air of implausibility, with de Boer in particular struggling to emote in even the most supposedly dramatic situations. The ineffectual end result makes the cataclysmic destruction feel tedious rather than terrifying, before limping to a damp squib finale.


New York's deputy mayor receives a warning from his estranged meteorologist wife that the city is about to be hit by a massive tornado, but convincing the residents of the scale of the impending danger proves an uphill struggle. Disaster thriller, starring Nicole de Boer, Sebastian Spence, Colby Johannson and Jerry Wasserman.

Cast & Crew

Cassie Lawrence Nicole de Boer
James Lawrence Sebastian Spence
Brian Flynn Colby Johannson
Mayor Leonardo Jerry Wasserman
Lori Tegan Moss
Maggie Flynn Jennifer Copping
Peter Hartsell Talon Dunbar
Dr Lars Liggenhorn Winston Rekert
Director Tibor Takacs
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence, language.Available on: DVD