GI Blues

GI Blues

Norman Taurog (1960)

U Certificate


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Elvis Presley had been away for two years, heroically doing his military service, including a spell in Germany, and this comeback film was intended to capitalise on that. This movie substantially shifted Elvis's image - from the teenage rebel of King Creole to the all-American soldier boy - in this family-orientated remake of an old Paramount chestnut The Fleet's In. Still, sultry Juliet Prowse is the dancer he loses his heart to after he woos her for a $300 bet, and the songs are classy. Apart from the title track, there's Wooden Heart and Didya Ever?. There's also a reminder of Blue Suede Shoes: a hint of an Elvis Presley now gone forever.


A guitar-strumming soldier bets he can win the hardened heart of an unresponsive West German cabaret dancer. She rejects him when she learns about the wager, but by then he has already genuinely fallen in love with her. Musical, starring Elvis Presley, Juliet Prowse, James Douglas and Robert Ivers. Songs include Blue Suede Shoes, Tonight Is So Right For Love and the title number.

Cast & Crew

Tulsa McCauley Elvis Presley
Lili Juliet Prowse
Tina Leticia Roman
Cookey Robert Ivers
Rick James Douglas
Marla Sigrid Maier
Sgt McGraw Arch Johnson
Jeeter Mickey Knox
Director Norman Taurog
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD