Tim Burton (1989)

15 Certificate
Wed 30 Aug 6:10am - 8:30am Sky Cinema Sci-fi/Horror
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Holy tour de force! Only director Tim Burton could take the Caped Crusader into the darkest realms of comic-strip nightmare yet still manage to weave an arresting tale full of doomy Shakespearean irony. From the camera crawling around the Bat symbol under the opening credits to the Hunchback of Notre Dame-inspired finale, this action fantasy captures the spirit of artist Bob Kane's creation, and the result is a sophisticated film noir full of black humour and creepy images. With Michael Keaton's brooding Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jack Nicholson's garish Joker on the knife-edge of good and evil, Burton cleverly places both tragic characters within the same psychological bracket. Shot on 18 sound stages at Britain's Pinewood Studios, the Gotham City set was the largest construction since 1963's Cleopatra, costing $5.5 million and using 60 miles of scaffolding; Oscar-winning designer Anton Furst said he wanted Gotham City to look like a New York that had gone without planning permission for 300 years. Burton went on to direct a sequel three years later that is arguably even better than this smash-hit original.


The masked avenger stalks the streets of Gotham City, waging a nightly war against the criminal element. However, he may have met his match when the city's crime syndicate is taken over by the crazed Joker, who plans to poison the populace with toxic chemicals. Tim Burton's comic-book adventure, starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger.

Cast & Crew

Bruce Wayne/Batman Michael Keaton
Jack Napier/Joker Jack Nicholson
Vicki Vale Kim Basinger
Alfred Michael Gough
Commissioner Gordon Pat Hingle
Alexander Knox Robert Wuhl
Carl Grissom Jack Palance
Alicia Jerry Hall
Harvey Dent Billy Dee Williams
Bob Tracey Walter
Eckhardt William Hootkins
Director Tim Burton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence and swearing. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray