Dr Dolittle 2

Dr Dolittle 2

Steve Carr (2001)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Despite the odd witty, throwaway gag and some reasonably convincing visual effects, much of the humour in Eddie Murphy's first outing as the versatile doctor is missing from this ecologically themed sequel. The tedious central plot sees Dolittle coaching a slovenly circus bear (voiced by Steve Zahn) to be an alpha male, attract a mate and save an endangered forest from destruction. The parade of supporting species with human characteristics is much the same as in the far funnier first film, but the main story is flat and charmless, the pace is leaden and Murphy's domestic problems make those found in TV sitcoms appear utterly absorbing.


The vet with a talent for talking to animals comes to the aid of forest creatures that need his help protecting their homes from land developers. He also has to deal with the love life of a circus bear that has fallen for a wild female. Comedy sequel, starring Eddie Murphy and Kevin Pollak, with the voices of Steve Zahn, Lisa Kudrow and Isaac Hayes.

Cast & Crew

Dr John Dolittle Eddie Murphy
Jack Riley/Crocodile Kevin Pollak
Archie Steve Zahn
Ava Lisa Kudrow
Possum Isaac Hayes
Lucky Norm MacDonald
Squirrel Joey Lauren Adams
Lisa Dolittle Kristen Wilson
Joseph Potter Jeffrey Jones
Charisse Dolittle Raven-Symone
Director Steve Carr
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century FoxAvailable on: video and DVD