Bridal Boot Camp

Bridal Boot Camp

Jake Helgren (2017)

PG Certificate


Anxious bride-to-be Andy wonders whether she has what it takes to `be a wife', and books herself in to a bridal boot camp to prepare herself for married life. However, the experience quickly proves it is going to present her with more questions than answers, particularly when she encounters handsome deliveryman Casey, who not only doesn't believe in marriage, but also manages to convince Andy she too has doubts about her relationship. Romantic comedy, starring Spencer Locke and Jake Sandvic.

Cast & Crew

Andy Phillips Spencer Locke
Casey Connor Jake Sandvig
Felice Davis Aeriél Miranda
Whitney Walsh Cameron Richardson
Bonnie Phillips Paula Trickey
Wendy Day Elizabeth Bond
Lorelei Liu Chasty Ballesteros
Jordan Marco Dapper
Director Jake Helgren
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Other Information

Comedy Drama