Ask a Policeman

Ask a Policeman

Marcel Varnel (1938)

U Certificate
Sunday 1pm - 2:30pm London Live


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Will Hay had a thing about spooky crooks. Just as the villains in Oh, Mr Porter! exploited a local legend to keep snoopers at bay, so the smugglers in this corking comedy play on the myth of the headless horseman to go about their business undisturbed. The setting is a sleepy coastal berg where the police station is in danger of being closed down because Sergeant Dudfoot (Hay) claims there is no crime. Naturally, he and his accomplices (Graham Moffat and Moore Marriott) are on the fiddle. Marcel Varnel directs with brio.


Three workshy bobbies in a peaceful coastal village try to prevent themselves being thrown out of work by faking a crime so they can solve it - only to encounter real smugglers. Comedy, starring Will Hay, Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott.

Cast & Crew

Actor Will Hay
Actor Graham Moffatt
Actor Moore Marriott
Director Marcel Varnel

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-MayerAvailable on: video and DVD