Bulldog Drummond

Bulldog Drummond

F Richard Jones (1929)

U Certificate


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Suave Ronald Colman's first talkie revealed to movie-goers those dulcet tones and perfect enunciation that would become a model for all future screen matinée idols. As the ex-army adventure hero of a series of popular novels by HC "Sapper" McNeile, Colman is splendidly cast, and provides a Drummond that others found impossible to better, while Claud Allister is the definitive Algy, Drummond's constant companion. This is an exceptionally well-mounted early talkie with much of value, though its creakiness often makes it difficult to view.


Urbane sleuth Bulldog Drummond and his man, Algy, help a woman who answers their ad in the London Time. Thriller, starring Ronald Colman and Joan Bennett.

Cast & Crew

Actor Ronald Colman
Actor Joan Bennett
Director F Richard Jones

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white