Amazing Stories: the Movie II

Amazing Stories: the Movie II

Steven Spielberg (1987)

12 Certificate


Anthology of four stories. A thief gives his wife a stolen ring, unaware it is haunted by its former owner, a toymaker becomes obsessed with a mysterious doll, a man tries to board a ghostly train to make amends for causing it to crash, and Santa Claus tries to prove his identity to a sheriff who arrests him for housebreaking. Fantasy, starring Danny DeVito and John Lithgow, including a section directed by Steven Spielberg.

Cast & Crew

Herbert Danny DeVito
John Walters John Lithgow
Brian Globe Lukas Haas
Sheriff Horace Smyvie Pat Hingle
Lois Rhea Perlman
Santa Claus Douglas Seale
Mary Dickenson Anne Helm
Opa Globe Roberts Blossom
Director Steven Spielberg
Director Danny DeVito
Director Phil Joanou
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