Four in the Morning

Four in the Morning

Anthony Simmons (1965)

12 Certificate


Our Score
The title's a clever pun, since the film deals with the time of a young girl's drowning, and with the (unrelated) trials and tribulations of two unnamed couples. Acclaimed in its day as a sharp slice of British neorealism, talented director/writer Anthony Simmons has done nothing quite as good, although his location work on Black Joy and The Optimists of Nine Elms is also impressive. Judi Dench won a Bafta award for her role, while Ann Lynn, Norman Rodway and Brian Phelan have seldom been better. Joe Melia makes a sharp contribution and the bleak early score by John Barry is superb.


A married couple living in London find their relationship suffering under the strains of parenthood, while elsewhere in the city, two young lovers struggle with their desires. Meanwhile, the police try to identify a drowned woman found in the Thames, who may have a connection to both couples. Drama, starring Judi Dench, Norman Rodway, Ann Lynn and Brian Phelan.

Cast & Crew

Wife Judi Dench
Husband Norman Rodway
Boy Brian Phelan
Girl Ann Lynn
Friend Joe Melia
Director Anthony Simmons
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Connoisseur Film LtdAvailable on: DVD