Fight for Life: Ultimate Legacy

Fight for Life: Ultimate Legacy

Joanne Hock (2015)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Another self-absorbed young man has to change his ways to receive an inheritance in the third in a series of flimsy and overly neat life-lesson dramas based on books by American author Jim Stovall. This time it's a dying Raquel Welch who requests that her grandson (Myko Olivier) completes a number of altruistic tasks, leaving shoehorned-in characters (and many of the key actors) from the first film to oversee her wishes. There's no substance to the predictable and too easily resolved events that follow, with even a violent incident feeling entirely throwaway. Ultimately, Olivier doesn't undergo much of a transformative journey, starting out less egocentric than he's meant to be and then teaching those around him more than he learns. The end result is bland and forgettable, wasting the talents of a decent cast that includes Brian Dennehy and Bill Cobbs.


A self-absorbed young man is challenged to develop a conscience and change his ways in order to receive an inheritance. Drama, starring Doug Jones, Raquel Welch and Brian Dennehy.

Cast & Crew

Hawthorne Doug Jones
Miss Sally May Anderson Raquel Welch
Gus Brian Dennehy
Miss Hastings Lee Meriwether
Director Joanne Hock

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour