A Life Interrupted

A Life Interrupted

Stefan Pleszczynski (2007)

PG Certificate
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Housewife Debbie Smith's life is turned upside down when she is dragged from her kitchen in broad daylight and raped in the woods. After six years, her attacker is finally caught through a chance DNA test - and after discovering that many rape kits go untested, Debbie makes it her mission to ensure that many others in her position do not have to wait so long to get justice. Fact-based drama, starring Lea Thompson, Antony Lemke and Cindy Busby.

Cast & Crew

Debbie Smith Lea Thompson
Rob Smith Anthony Lemke
Crystal Smith Cindy Busby
Young Crystal Eleanore Lamothe
Young Bobby Devon Bostick
Bobby Smith Tommy Lioutas
Emily Cary Lawrence
Norman Jimmerman Ralph Prosper
Director Stefan Pleszczynski
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour