Ivan Silvestrini (2016)

15 Certificate
Thu 31 Aug 6am - 7:30am Sky Cinema Hits


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With the automation of modern life proving increasingly unstoppable, this nightmarish thriller is a terrifying what-if illustration of potential dangers. Here, a young mum (Katrina Bowden) finds herself at the mercy of the security protocols of her state-of-the-art Monolith car when she takes a spontaneous short cut to Los Angeles and ends up stranded in the desert. That's terrifying enough, but then she's accidentally locked out of the vehicle, leaving her onesie-clad toddler strapped to his seat inside. With the smart car impossible to breach and the desert heat slowly roasting her son alive, the desperate Bowden is plunged into a fraught race-against-time to save the tot from a horrible death. It's a simple set-up but the result is a stiflingly tense tale that preys on every parent's primal fears.


Sandra, a former pop star who put her career on hold to have a baby, suspects her producer-husband is now having an affair with a younger rising starlet. Determined to catch him out, she decides to surprise him by driving to Los Angeles with her young son in her new Monolith, a `super-car' with advanced security features. However, a series of unfortunate events leaves Sandra locked out of the car in the middle of the desert, while her son is trapped inside, and in mortal peril. Thriller, starring Katrina Bowden.

Cast & Crew

Sandra Katrina Bowden
Carl Damon Dayoub
David Nixon Hodges
David Crew Hodges
Jessa Ashley Madekwe
Director Ivan Silvestrini
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Language: EnglishColour