Left, Right and Centre

Left, Right and Centre

Sidney Gilliat (1959)

U Certificate


Our Score
Though this political comedy may be dated by today's multimedia standards, it still has something to say about the effect television has on persuading voters where to put their X. Playing another in a long line of silly asses, Ian Carmichael is spot on as the TV pundit who runs for the Conservatives in a local election. It's hardly a searing satire, but director and co-writer Sidney Gilliat scores a few points at the expense of both the media and the establishment. Stealing everyone's thunder, however, is Alastair Sim as Carmichael's impoverished uncle who's seeking ways to maintain his stately pile.


A TV personality becomes the Conservative candidate in a by-election, but instead of securing votes, he falls madly in love with his Labour counterpart. Political comedy, starring Ian Carmichael, Patricia Bredin, Alastair Sim and Richard Wattis.

Cast & Crew

Robert Wilcot Ian Carmichael
Lord Wilcot Alastair Sim
Harding-Pratt Richard Wattis
Bert Glimmer Eric Barker
Stella Stoker Patricia Bredin
Hardy Gordon Harker
Bill Hemingway Jack Hedley
Alf Stoker Leslie Dwyer
Director Sidney Gilliat
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp LtdAvailable on: video