That's Entertainment, Part II

That's Entertainment, Part II

Gene Kelly (1976)

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The first film was a hard act to follow, but director Gene Kelly's sequel is satisfying and includes a memorable sequence of new material featuring the ageing Kelly dancing again with the great Fred Astaire. There's also a witty Saul Bass title sequence: watch how the graphics mirror the artists' names. Although this MGM compilation is not as powerful as its unique predecessor, for those unfamiliar with the output of the greatest Hollywood studio of them all, it is mandatory viewing. For others, it's a chance to recapture the lovely golden glow that watching an MGM musical can bring.


Dancing greats Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly introduce a varied compilation of MGM musical and comedy highlights. Featuring stars such as Judy Garland, Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, Ann Miller, Oscar Levant, Mickey Rooney, Louis Armstrong and Jack Buchanan.

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Director Gene Kelly

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