A Warrior's Tail

A Warrior's Tail

Maksim Fadeev (2015)

PG Certificate


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A plucky kid sets out on a quest to save his family and village in this animated Russian adventure revoiced with American stars.


A boy escapes when his village comes under attack by a pack of hyenas, and goes to get help. He meets a magical white wolf, who leads him on a journey in search of a magician who can help them find a powerful warrior - but many danger's lie between them and the sorcerer's mountain home. Animated fantasy, with the voices of Milla Jovovich, Whoopi Goldberg and Sharon Stone.

Cast & Crew

Savva Milla Jovovich
Jozee Whoopi Goldberg
Puffy Sharon Stone
Komar Joe Pesci
Anga Will Chase
Director Maksim Fadeev
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Drama Children's