Barbie in Star Light Adventure

Barbie in Star Light Adventure

Andrew Tan (2016)

U Certificate


The princess of an alien world leaves her home for the first time on a very important journey. The stars that surround the planet are beginning to fade, and she must join a group of talented individuals to journey into space and restore their light. Animated sci-fi adventure, with the voices of Erica Lindbeck and Robbie Daymond.

Cast & Crew

Barbie Erica Lindbeck
Leo Robbie Daymond
Sal-Lee Kimberly Woods
Sheena/Kareena/Sprites Sarah Anne Williams
Constantine Dwight Schultz
Artemis Ben Bledsoe
Starlian Jonathan Lipow
Pupcorn Lucien Dodge
Director Andrew Tan
Director Michael Goguen
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Other Information

Drama Children's